Nordic Tattoo Europe


Birkenporling (Fomitopsis betulina)

This is a massive ‚Fomitopsis betulina‘ (Birkenporling / birch polypore) we found in summer 2020. I never saw a bigger one. It‘s diamter was around 37cm. This is one of the healthiest and most healing mushroom in northern Europe. It has been researched for its phytochemistry and pharmacological activity. Phytochemicals include phenolic acids, indole compounds, sterols, and triterpenes. You maybe know this one cause ‚Ötzi, the Iceman‘ carried this mushroom in his pocket. So we see it‘s medical usage was known over 5000 years ago which is amazing. There is so much we don‘t know. We consume this mushroom as a tea for a kind of juice fast and cleanse for 20 days. This boost for example the immune system and regulates many other things in your body. As the name says it grows mostly on birchs.




Haithabu – a really powerful place for me. There happened a lot, for sure! You can feel this if you stand on that ground. It‘s amazing, I love to find energetic places like this for me and discover myself and my connections step by step. Do you have any power places which speak to you?



Nordic Tattoo Prints

I will offer some more prints like this soon. Do you have any scenes in mind you want to see done by me, please let me know in the comments? This is one I made some time ago – an interpretation of Ragnar Loðbrók‘s death in the snakepit of the Northumbrian king Ælle. In collaboration with @theatre.of.war there is a shirt available with this scene. This saga is so fascinating and mystical. The ‚Snake Pit Poetry’ by @einar_selvik (@wardruna) for me wraps it into the perfect soundscape.



Winter is coming

Strong days, much happened since the new cycle begun. The recent solstice was very powerful and one of my personal most conscious experienced one. There are big changes happening for all of us. There is a big shift happening – we need to go through, a necessity for our future. Embrace it, let it go, welcome the new!